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"Original" IW list, sometimes referred to as Mardon's List or Alan's List--the original host and his successor, (usually busy, unmoderated, sometimes very "lively." The list is now in the very capable hands of Brigitte. To subscribe go to and complete the registration form.

Frankie's list (moderated, moderately busy, digest is default mode) LISTSERV@APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM To subscribe:  SUB IRWOLF-L Your Name

Irish Wolfhound Fellowship--A moderated list for those interested in the IW. Share experiences, ask questions about the breed or the parent club. To subscribe send a message to

IWAGSMfriends--Irish Wolfhound Association of the Greater Smoky Mountains (IWAGSM) Announcements Only, low volume. This list is to keep our friends informed about our event schedule.  To Subscribe send a message to

Irish Wolfhound--A flame-free discussion group for Irish Wolfhound owners, lovers and breeders.   All are welcome and encouraged to participate and share information. To subscribe send a message to

Wolfhound-friends-- Come on over and meet some fellow Irish Wolfhound friends! No post is too mundane. Send pictures of your furry friends, meet fellow enthusiasts, and make some friends with our unmoderated list!  To Subscribe send a message to:

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International Clubs
Dutch Irish Wolfhound Club

Irish Wolfhound Club of America

Irish Wolfhound Club Of Canada

Irish Wolfhound Club Of Denmark

Irish Wolfhound Club Of Great Britain

Irish Wolfhound Club of Ireland

Irish Wolfhound Club of Norway

Irish Wolfhound Clubs of Australia

Irish Wolfhound Society of Great Britian

Swedish Irish Wolfhound Club

National and Regional Clubs {US}

Irish Wolfhound Club of America

Great Lakes Irish Wolfhound Association

Irish Wolfhound Association of the Delaware Valley

Irish Wolfhound Association of the Greater Smoky Mountains

Irish Wolfhound Association of New England

Irish Wolfhound Association of the Mid South

Irish Wolfhound Association of the West Coast

Irish Wolfhound Club of Puget Sound

Northern California Irish Wolfhound Club

Northern New Jersey Irish Wolfhound Club - contact, Eileen Flanagan

Potomac Valley Irish Wolfhound Club

Rocky Mountain Irish Wolfhound Association

The American Kennel Club

Irish Wolfhound Internet Trust

Irish Wolfhound Seizure Study


The Purdue Bloat Study

Irish Wolfhound Foundation

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IWCA National Rescue Directory

Southern Irish Wolfhound Rescue

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Irish Wolfhound Fellowship--The Irish Wolfhound Fellowship (IWHF) is founded in celebration of the joys of Irish wolfhound ownership. We welcome those wanting to learn, share and offer experiences and advice for the health and welfare of the individual hound, which ultimately benefits our breed. The IWHF is a place to commemorate your hounds' accomplishments, and as a community we pledge to provide a safe haven of support and assistance for anyone needing help in difficult times.

Irish Wolfhound Association of the Greater Smoky Mountains--Irish Wolfhound Association of the Greater Smoky Mountains id a group of folks dedicated to mentoring and education, providing rescue resources to hounds in need, promoting responsible ownership and preventing exploitation of this wonderful breed. We also like to get together and have fun with our hounds and friends!!!

Irish Wolfhound Club of America--The Irish Wolfhound Club of America (IWCA) is a non-profit organization that was "established for the encouragement of the breeding and maintaining a high standard of Irish Wolfhound by guaranteeing classes, providing special prizes, etc., for the Breed at Dog Shows, and to acquaint the public with the genuine qualities of this grand dog."

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