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Identifying an Irish Wolfhound


  • Females usually stand 28 to 34 inches at shoulder
  • Males usually stand 30 to 36 inches at shoulder


  • Females usually weigh between 120 to 150 pounds
  • Males usually weigh between 130 to 170 pounds


  • Various shades of Gray is the most common color,
    but can be Wheaten {ranging from Whites to
    Red/Gold [Strawberry Blond]}, Black, Dark Brown. In
    addition, they may be brindle or solid.


  • Wolfhounds are typically gentle with a friendly
    nature. However in an unfamiliar or rescue situation,
    they may be aloof.

Rescue Notification Procedure

Please help us to be as effective as possible in our rescue efforts by following the few simple steps detailed below:

  1. Once aware of a wolfhound in need of a home, a volunteer who may wish to provide foster home services, or a potential adoptive home, an IWAGSM member shall notify a rescue committee member from the following list:
  2. Name Phone
    Cindy Winters, Rescue Coordinator 865 579-0734
    Melinda Harvey 256 492-6499
    Larry Morphis
    615-969-6016 {cell phone}
    Ron Winters 865 579-0734
  3. Any information you may have in way of name, phone number, urgency of situation, etc., shall be passed on to the Rescue Committee contact.
  4. The IWAGSM Member should not make statements that could be construed as an obligation or commitment by IWAGSM, the Rescue Committee, or any other member.
  5. The Rescue Committee member contacted shall follow up as soon as reasonably possible to confirm information and get as many details as possible.
  6. The committee member will then notify a majority of the Rescue Committee members, if at all possible, to define further action.

These steps are necessary to avoid confusion, misunderstandings, duplication of efforts, and general mayhem. Any actions taken by an individual club member, not authorized by the Rescue Committee, shall be at that individual's own risk, obligation, and expense.

IWAGSM Rescue Policy {abridged}*


The Irish Wolfhound Association of the Greater Smoky Mountains (IWAGSM) Rescue Committee is dedicated to the welfare of the Irish Wolfhound by:

  1. Providing immediate shelter and veterinary care for homeless, stray, abandoned, and neglected Irish Wolfhounds;
  2. Providing a good, loving, permanent home for homeless Irish Wolfhounds;
  3. Providing education to dog owners and the general public about responsible pet ownership, including spaying or neutering, training, and humane care of Irish Wolfhounds and other pets.

We are happy to answer any questions you have about Irish Wolfhounds. To learn how to begin the adoption process for IWAGSM, please contact Cindy Winters via email or by calling 865 579-0734 during reasonable hours.

Irish Wolfhounds make wonderful companions; they are extremely people-oriented and need to be part of a loving family. We believe that dog ownership is a responsibility that is on going for the life of the dog. We encourage you to do research before committing yourself to a breed as large as an Irish Wolfhound. Before adopting an Irish Wolfhound, be sure it is the right breed for you and your family.

In order to adopt an Irish Wolfhound from IWAGSM you must:

  1. Complete the written application form ;
  2. Agree to a phone and/or in-person interview by a IWAGSM representative;
  3. Have a fenced yard (rare exceptions may be made);
  4. Agree to keep the Irish Wolfhound as an indoor pet only (including leaving the Irish Wolfhound indoors when you are away and at night);
  5. Allow an IWAGSM representative to visit your home before and/or after you adopt your Irish Wolfhound;
  6. Demonstrate your ability and willingness to provide proper food, medical care, and a loving, safe, healthy, and clean environment for the adoptive Irish Wolfhound;
  7. Agree to surrender the Irish Wolfhound if you fail to abide by the terms of the adoption set forth here.

Once your application has been submitted we will call and/or visit your home and interview you.

You will be given all your dog's health records if available so that so that you and your veterinarian can be apprised of important information about your dog's health.

Please be aware that submitting an application does not guarantee that you will receive an Irish Wolfhound from IWAGSM nor that the dog you would like to adopt is the one best suited to meet your needs, and IWAGSM reserves the right to offer a dog we feel is better suited to your family.

Do I pay an Adoption Fee?

IWAGSM Rescue requests a $200 donation.

Your donation may cover the cost of the following:

  1. Spaying or neutering;
  2. Providing the dog all necessary injections;
  3. Checking the dog for heartworms and treating, if necessary, and beginning the dog on heartworm preventative;
  4. Checking the dog for internal and external parasites and treating, if necessary;
  5. Providing other veterinary tests and/or treatments as deemed necessary by IWAGSM's veterinarian;
  6. Cleaning the dog's teeth, if necessary; and
  7. Providing a microchip for ID purposes.
*for a complete copy of the Rescue Policy and Guidelines please contact the Rescue Chairman.

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